Young People from Argyll & the Isles go to World Youth Day

WYD group.jpgIn amongst the million-plus young people who gathered from all over the world in Madrid for World Youth Day were a group from Argyll & the Isles.  Jenna MacLean and Jessica Baker (from Arisaig), Natalie Matheson and Jade Macrury (from South Uist), and Calum Blane (from Stornoway), were accompanied by Fr John Paul MacKinnon, Fr Andrew Barratt and Diocesan Youth Officer, Denise Roberts.  Bishop Joseph Toal who also attended WYD, was able to meet the Argyll group and celebrate Holy Mass with them.  It was clear from the reactions of the young people that WYD made a deep impression on everyone in the group.

Here are a few reflections from some of our young people from Argyll!
WYD bishop.JPG“This has been such a great experience for me. Having a great time meeting new people from all over the world and having lots of laughs. One of my favorite laughs was when we were in the square in Alacla and there was a little girl playing about, joining in with the other older children, they had a ball which they were throwing to each other and the wee girl was there running about trying to get the ball but they would not let her have was such a shame as she had only just learned to run. I was so touched by her determination to keep up with the other children but she did not quite make it.... but we had a great laugh and it really touched me! “ Jenna x
“Been an awesome experience. The amount of young Catholics is so overwhelming that it hardly seems possible that so many people can fit in one place. I was really touched by the fact that kids could be outside in the towns at 11pm and just run around and have fun, which wouldn’t happen in Scotland, it’s amazing how close families are in Spain I think that we have plenty to learn from these wonderful people! Calum”:)

WYD group2.JPG


This is my first time in Madrid and at a WYD and as expected it has been amazing. Meeting different people from different places around the world really gives you an insight into other cultures from other countries.


Denise sums up their time in Madrid, “Lots of things have happened this week and it has been so good and truly blessed.  Our thanks to all those who made it possible for these young people to take part in this incredible event and for everyone who supported us in prayer”

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