Fr. Colin in Ecuador

On these pages you can read about the work of Fr. Colin MacInnes in Ecuador.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter February 2014

  • 20-02-2014

The latest news and reflections from Fr. Colin.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter November 2013

  • 16-11-2013

News of Fr. Colin's latest parish projects

Fr. Colin's Newsletter September 2013

  • 09-09-2013

Fr. Colin writes about events over the summer.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter August 2013

  • 06-08-2013

Fr. Colin writes about two new projects, the visit of Louisa and a trip to Boston.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter July 2013

  • 05-07-2013

Latest news from Fr. Colin - and Louisa!

Fr. Colin's Newsletter June 2013

  • 10-06-2013

Fr. Colin writes about hardworking visitors, the power of nature and a visit to his former parish.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter March 2013

  • 12-03-2013

Fr. Colin writes about Lent in Ecuador, the weather and some welcome visitors.......

Fr. Colin's Newletter February 2013

  • 12-02-2013
Fr. Colin writes about a new baby, the dangers of fishing and the beginning of Lent in Ecuador.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter January 2013

  • 01-01-2013

Fr. Colin wites about Advent and Christmas events in Guayaquil.....

Fr. Colin's Newsletter December 2012

  • 09-12-2012

Fr. Colin writes about new life, regeneration and street bingo.

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