Fr. Colin in Ecuador

On these pages you can read about the work of Fr. Colin MacInnes in Ecuador.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter January 2016

  • 04-01-2016

Fr. Colin writes about New Year celebrations in the parish and reflects on the news of Fr. Donald and our new bishop. (2 pages)

Fr. Colin's Newsletter September 2015

  • 20-09-2015

Fr. Colin has a visit from the MacIntosh family, a struggle with bureaucracy and a new baby in the family.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter August 2015

  • 07-08-2015

Fr. Colin’s news from Ecuador on the recent papal visit, the fishermen’s festival and visitors from home.

Fr. Colin's (delayed) May 2015 Newsletter

  • 22-06-2015

Fr. Colin writes about catechism classes, preparing for a papal visit and more.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter April 2015

  • 12-05-2015

Fr Colin has a visitor and prepares for a Papal visit......

Fr. Colin's Newsletter Easter 2015

  • 06-04-2015

Fr. Colin writes about Holy Week in Ecuador - and a new baby in the family.

Fr. Colin's Newsletter February 2015

  • 18-02-2015

Fr. Colin writes about blessings, a new missionary formation centre and a visit to Argentina.

New Year Letter

  • 07-01-2015

Fr. Colin writes about Christmas, New Year and Sacramental celebrations in the parish.

Fr. Colin's Christmas Newsletter

  • 08-12-2014

Fr. Colin shares experiences of Christmas in Ecuador

Fr. Colin's Newsletter October 2014

  • 06-10-2014

Fr. Colin shares news of Parish festivities, food sharing and the one that didn’t get away.

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