Pastoral Letters

From Bishop Brian McGee and the Bishops' Conference of Scotland

Scottish Bishops’ Statement on Nuclear Weapons

  • 12-07-2016

The Bishops of Scotland have called on the UK government to honour its commitment as a key signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferations Treaty (1968) and work towards the disposing and elimination of all nuclear weapons.

In a statement, Scotland’s eight Catholic Bishops highlight the ‘immorality of the use of strategic nuclear weapons due to the indiscriminate destruction of innocent human life’ that their use would cause, and endorse Pope Francis who has said that “Spending on nuclear weapons squanders the wealth of nations”.

A parliamentary vote on the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons system is expected to take place on Monday 18 July.

Scottish Bishops pledge support for Refugees

  • 11-09-2015

In a letter dated September 10 to Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, the President of Scotland’s Catholic Bishops’ Conference has offered to assist the Scottish Government in accepting refugees.

The McLellan Commission Report: Summary and Response from Archbishop Tartaglia

  • 18-08-2015

In November 2013 Scotland’s Catholic Bishops invited Dr. Andrew McLellan to establish a Commission to undertake a review of all aspects of safeguarding policy, procedure and practice within the Catholic Church in Scotland. The Commission published its Report on 18th August 2015.

Following the publication of the report, a “Review of Safeguarding Protocols and Procedures” the Catholic Bishops of Scotland have welcomed the report and accepted its recommendations in full........

Notes on Funerals in the Diocese of Argyll & the Isles

  • 21-03-2012

The priests of the Diocese have had some discussions among themselves and with me in recent times on the conduct of funerals in our parishes. One of the concerns raised is in regard to the taking up of collections at funerals. I would, therefore, like to make some comment on that matter and then go on to mention some other points in regard to the celebration of the Funeral Liturgy......

Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion

  • 21-03-2012

One of the great privileges we have as Catholics is to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. This encounter with the living Lord is the high point of our spiritual lives and the moment in which we experience the Lord´s presence and love in its fullest and deepest way.  Being so richly blessed, we are invited by the Lord to carry his  love into the whole of our lives. It is always, therefore, a very precious moment but also one which asks for our loving response to the Lord´s goodness

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