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Apostolic Letter ends the Jubilee Year of Mercy

As the Year of Mercy ended, Pope Francis signed an Apostolic Letter titled Misericordia et Misera. The letter is aimed at continuing the commitment to sharing the merciful love of God beyond the Holy Year of Mercy that has just ended. Among its key elements, Misericordia et Misera extends faculties for all priests to absolve the grave sin of abortion, institutes an annual World Day for the Poor on 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time and calls on parishes to devote one Sunday of the year to intensive reflection on the Scriptures. Read the full text here  ...

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Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter ‘Misericordia et Misera’

Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis at the Conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy FRANCIS TO ALL WHO READ THIS APOSTOLIC LETTER MERCY AND PEACE Misericordia et misera is a phrase used by Saint Augustine in recounting the story of Jesus’ meeting with the woman taken in adultery (cf. Jn 8:1-11). It would be difficult to imagine a more beautiful or apt way of expressing the mystery of God’s love when it touches the sinner: “the two of them alone remained: mercy with misery”.1 What great mercy and divine justice shine forth in this narrative! Its teaching serves not...

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Newsletter November 2016

It was a month when many things were happening and yet, for me, it has been the quietest month that I have experienced for quite a number of years. Let me explain. The parish feast was on 15th October, the feast of Saint Teresa of Avila, as she is best known in Europe. As the parish had been divided into 12 sectors we decided that in spite of having the traditional Novena in preparation for the feast, we would have a religious celebration in each sector. The celebrations were varied, from religious music and dance festivals to depicting the...

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Newsletter October 2016

In Boston there are tall glass towers gracing a walkway depicting the names of the six million Jews exterminated in the Holocaust. The walkway invites reflection and awe. Is it possible that human beings could treat others with such brutality and ruthlessness? The sad answer to the question is “yes”. The Holocaust did happen. We cannot deny what history teaches us but the question of our day is whether we can learn from the hard lessons of yesterday? It was in October, a number of years ago, that I walked the “walk” maintaining, like others who accompanied me, a...

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Newsletter July 2016

I am not sure if it is the awareness of getting old that makes one become more aware of the brightness, enthusiasm and exuberance of youth. Well, here they are in the flesh, the McPherson sisters, all the way from Scotland, and now visiting Ecuador with one or more countries of Latin America in their minds. They came off the plane last night, docked their baggage and after an hour or so they were off to see the town. You now know what I mean. Tomorrow morning they are off to conquer, Guayaquil, a city of 5.3 million. They...

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