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Communications Sunday

  Positive communication is the way to achieve justice and peace, as Peter Kearney, director of the Catholic Media Office in Scotland reflects ahead of Communications Sunday. On Sunday 28th May 2017, the church will mark World Communications Day for the 51st time. It provides an opportunity for the universal church to consider how and why we communicate, with one another and with the world beyond the catholic community. Communication is at the heart of all that we do. We share information, emotion, ideas and experiences every day. Our faith is based on the communication of God’s message to...

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Bishop Brian comforts families of Barra teenagers

The Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, Bishop Brian McGee, has travelled to Barra to visit the families of Eilidh MacLeod and Laura MacIntyre. Both teenagers attended the concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday night, at which Salman Abedi launched a suicide bomb attack, killing 22 and injuring 64 concertgoers. Laura MacIntyre, 15, is in hospital with serious injuries, while her friend Eilidh MacLeod, 14, is still missing. Bishop McGee joined local Parish Priest, Fr. John Paul MacKinnon visiting relatives of both girls last night (Tuesday) and saying Mass for the families this morning (Wednesday). After Mass the...

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Newsletter May 2017

Without a doubt there is a certain charm about the month of May. Yet my memories of May back in Uist are not so exhilarating: the sunshine would suggest that there was warmth in the air but it would be an act of bravado to throw off the coat or jacket; the daffodils would fade but would not be replaced by other flowers to give colour to the land; I would feel sorry for the poor lambs that had grown to size. Their mother´s milk was insufficient and yet there was little grass to satisfy their hunger. And so...

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General Election 2017: A Letter from the Bishops of Scotland

This General Election presents us with an opportunity to reflect on Catholic social teaching. As Christians, we have a civic and moral duty to engage with our democracy. As Catholics, we believe that the primary goal of society should be the common good; that is the good of all people and of the whole person. Indeed, the common good is the very reason political authority exists. This election provides an opportunity to reflect on the beauty and goodness of Church teaching and to keep that teaching at the forefront of our minds as we engage with candidates across all...

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