Argyll and the Isles Director of Priestly Vocations,
Fr Michael Hutson, describes priesthood in the diocese:

The Diocese of Argyll & the Isles: an opportunity for a worthwhile and fulfilling priestly ministry.
20 priests serve 25 parishes. We travel by land and sea, like St Columba 1400 years ago. 6 parishes have regular Gaelic liturgies. Our scattered parishes have small numbers so we are close to our communities and genuinely cherished by them. We are noted for our priestly camaraderie: we know how to have great fun.

Our most recently ordained priests come from diverse backgrounds:
the university graduates,
the sub-postmaster,
the forester,
the former teachers,
men who had gone straight to seminary from school,
non-Gaelic speakers mostly,
applied in their 20s, 30s, 40s, from the diocese, from wider Scotland, England, Poland.

In addition to Ronald Campbell, we have Nigerian Emmanuel Alagbaoso in seminary.
He is welcomed and loved throughout the diocese and studies at the Scots College in Rome.
Our future is bright.

Interested? Contact

Fr Michael Hutson,

Diocesan Director of Priestly Vocations.

Phone: 01700 502047